Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Statues Report

Good day to all our readers. We have been doing more research into why Sacramento County has flat out made it illegal for people like me to operate a mobile kitchen. I heard about it before but didn’t believe that the 7th largest city in the great state of California would be so narrowed minded. The hard working people that operate these trucks today are saying that one day they were told Sacramento City Council decided to end the “Taco Truck”. They didn’t even know that the city council was voting on such an issue. The council told reporters and bloggers they notified several truck operators with business licenses. We have not found any operators that were notified and we have been looking.

Basically Sacramento City Councils has voted in to affect a 30 minute limit rule. Anyone serving food out of a state approved mobile kitchen can only operate in one location for 30 minutes. Now if you’re selling prepackaged food that doesn’t require heat then you’re golden, but if you’re like us who wants to make food to order, then you’re screwed. You be hard to find someone that can drive into a location, set up, heat up and make food to order in any type of truck in 30 minutes. A taco truck, maybe with meat that is already cooked. The tear down and set up only leave you with about 15 minutes of cook time.

So what does that mean for Bikini Burgers Mobile Kitchen? Well we can’t do our week day lunch program, but our main focus was going to be on events, fairs, and catering anyways. So we are still going forward with the opening date of the next Super Bowl (2011). It would be cool if it was the Raiders & Niners, but the chances of that happening are slim. Everyone will be able to find us at every major fair in Northern California in 2011.

Thanks for reading and come back for more about our company and our progress.

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