Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pitch Day

Its pitch day once again at school. This is the whole reason I came up with Bikini Burgers. I was looking to start a company that was not around my area. I quickly found that there are a few Taco Trucks in the Sacramento Area but none kicking out supper good food with the level of entertainment that Bikini Burgers will bring. No one doing what Kogi BBQ is doing LA and a few other young cooks like myself are doing around the state.

So not to bore you on to much of the paper work. I am getting the business plan done this week, we are looking for used mobile kitchens and a prep kitchen. This is going to be a fun company to start and run. Remember to click on the stuff on the side and buy a shirt or mug to help us get the funding we need to pay our bills.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back my friends.

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