Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Culinary Student Dream

Hi, name is Jeremiah Johnson and I’m a current culinary student with a dream of having the most successful mobile food kitchen in Sacramento California. We will be using social media and word of mouth as our main advertisements. We will sell top quality grass feed meats and local raised produce.

Our idea is a Mobile Kitchen called Bikini Burger. Yes we are going to have girls in bikini tops with shorts serving our customers but the name came from the fact we are selling small healthy burgers. We will be buying local only.

For our business to run we need a Mobile Kitchen, a commercial kitchen to prep, 15 employees, a cargo van, a custom website & Logo and a line of Logo products to sell. Our service area will be the Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin areas. We would do 6 locations a day, 5 days a week. Our weekends will be set up for catering and events. The events are where we expect to make our big money.

We will reward our pledges with free food, a private kick off party and maybe a few shirts and some gear. We will spread the word about our new company start up with facebook, twitter, and Youtube videos of our models cooking our burgers.

Our goal is to up and running by January 1st, 2011. I have been working on our business plan with 2 current top chefs in my area and already have a full menu with recipes. Our start up will be high, but not has high as opening a full restaurant. Good Food Served By Good Looking Young Ladies.

This site is being started today to create intrestin our idea and to get it out of the garage and into the streets. We welcome anyone to join us taking on the new food movement. Drop us a line and say Hi.

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