Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Maggie Simpson is Dead

A superstar was lost today. At age 79 Elizabeth Taylor has passed away today. She was a sexy hot lady in a bikini and was married far too many times. She was friends with Michale Jackson and most of old Hollywood. She has acted in over 70 films and television shows such as the Flintstones, the voice of Maggie Simpson, BOOM!, The Girl Who Had Everything and too more to list. Acting Legends like Elton John, Larry King and the Sexy Kardashians are all paying tribute to the late star in their own ways.

We'll always miss you Elizabeth.


  1. It is interesting the bond with old and sometimes legendary actresses of past

  2. Stars of teh past had more glamour than today. I heard about a tribute by the Kardashians.
    I like this photo of Kim Kardashian in a fast food:
    Like a normal girl